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Who Is J Star, One of the Top On-Air Radio Mixers in NYC?

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Born and raised in the Uptown Manhattan and the Bronx areas, J Star grew up inspired to become a DJ. He was extremely intrigued by the rich, diverse and vibrant New York culture, and he immediately knew music was all he wanted to pursue. With a clear vision of what he wanted to achieve in life, J Star carefully selected his path with well-thought-out strategies to bring his dreams to life. After completing school, J Star immediately enrolled in audio engineering school, where he learned about music industry dynamics, mostly around the DJing world.

Unlike what many young artists might choose, J Star was in no hurry to jump into the music scene. The young talent took his time to gain more knowledge and expertise through multiple internships with top companies, including radio stations like HOT 97 and KTU.

A gifted disk jockey, J Star, was later offered an opportunity to be an on-air mixer for Power 105.1. This was one of the most significant career highlights that introduced him to the mainstream. A hardworking and passionate individual, J Star has transitioned from being an amateur DJ to becoming one of the top names in the game within five years.

He has since worked with various artists, gracing various shows, including a weekly show on Sirius XM ch. 13, DJing for the Knicks half-time show multiple times, opening for the most prominent artists in the world, and working with brands like the NBA, Nets, Nike, Adidas, Jordan, JBL, Dropbox, HBO, Hennessey, and Jack Daniels. He has also established a formidable brand, highlighting himself as one of the top and most sought-after DJs.

A now well-established brand, J Star highlights finding a working balance between career and family as his biggest challenge. According to him, life is all about balance, and if you cannot get it right at the start, it can be difficult for you to move forward. J Star believes you sometimes need to learn when to work harder, take a break, and attend to family, friends, and self-care. This has helped him build a stable career and a supportive family while also attending to his lifelong dreams.

Though it might sound cliché, J Star emphasizes the need to work on your dreams even when things are tough. Don’t allow anything to push or sway you from your path. He encourages you always to keep in mind why you started and, more importantly, that consistency is key. He has spent 15 years in the game, and now J Star has started to see the benefits of his hard work.

The ambitious DJ is now focused on growing his brand to greater heights of success. In five years, J Star sees himself doing bigger shows on some of the biggest stages in the world. He is also looking to a more adventurous path, spinning or performing his own songs on the road. J Star also aspires to get into the studio with some of the biggest artists across the world. 

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