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Understand The Mind Of Musician “Zero Kares”

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 Passionate music is ingrained in this artist’s “DNA.” 

It’s Zero Kares’ latest hit single about the emotional ups and downs of relationships and how those bonds can be toxic to each other – like an infected blood stream going right to the heart. With 12 other great tracks preceding it on all digital platforms, “DNA” claims to be one Zero Kares’ best videos with the help of some original Anime art to help illustrate the story.

“I’m always good at finding talent,” Zero Kares said. “There are young, extremely talented Anime artists out there – just waiting – for opportunities like this. And the custom work for this project was perfect for the song. And, the cover is actually a painting from Europe I have in my kitchen – not digital – it’s beautiful, real art … I hope listeners experience comfort with whatever they’re going through when they hear my music. I want them to enjoy the emotion – even if it’s sad – see it for what it is, learn from it and then keep going even though it’s hard.”

Zero Kares has been making music ever since he was a little kid in India. His family sought out new opportunities and relocated to the United States 20 years ago – and in that same ambitious spirit – he has pursued his professional music career for the past five years. He’s got big plans for a debut EP, which he says will be a fresh – in love – work of positivity and light in the realms of EDM, Emo-Punk and R&B.

“I’m always making music about love because I love relationships, and it’s not about sadness but more of the emotional moments,” he said. “I’m a Virgo – which is very emotional – but that’s what I value and where I find connection. It’s very important.”

Many describe Zero Kares’ music as “raw.” He uses big sounds as the vessel in which he expresses himself, inviting his fans along for the ride as he hurdles obstacle after obstacle. As a young person, he struggled with confidence – if you can believe that now.

There are instrumental and melodic moments to his style, but also dope beats you can’t help but bob your head to. It’s been compared to a mixture of The Weeknd and XXX Tentacion. The winning combination is heard when his lyrics hit hearts to inspire.

“I’m creating music that helps people ride that emotional roller coaster people go through,” he said. “I’m trying to enhance their life experiences. If you’re going through a situation in your life and one of my songs clicks with you, then maybe that helps you understand how someone else might feel. Or maybe it will get you hyped to go through whatever you’re going through. Or maybe it will just help you know that it’s all gonna be OK.”

Zero Kares says he’ll always be pushing out new and impactful singles, so check out his socials and digital music links here…





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