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KellyOh’s New Single “Miami 365” is Making Waves

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“Miami 365” KellyOh’s most recent single, has been extremely well received by her audience of electronic dance music fans. The song was released just a couple of months ago and has already become an anthem of sorts for music lovers around the world. This single has gained popularity and streaming numbers at a faster rate than any of KellyOh’s past releases and already has the attention of major labels and artists who want to collaborate.

While many DJ’s and producers focus on making the music they want to listen to, KellyOh’s success is no shock because of her emphasis on listening to the desires of her fans. “With everything happening in the world right now, my audience wanted an anthem–something to bring them hope,” said KellyOh. “I created ‘Miami 365’ to be that anthem my fans can listen to anytime, anywhere.” It’s no wonder the track is getting picked up by playlists on major streaming services each day.

If you haven’t heard of KellyOh until now, you’re about to start hearing her name more and more. What started as a local talent has turned into something respected on a national and even international level. In her words, “One thing I can assure you is that I’m not the type to slow down when momentum picks up. You can expect much more music from me this year.”

You can stream KellyOh’s latest album on Spotify and follow her on Instagram @kellyohgee

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