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Meet Alex Price, a rare musical chameleon, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, recording artist, producer, and entertainer. Alex’s radiant energy delivers a distinct, memorable musical experience whether listening through earbuds or witnessing him live.


Price’s early exposure to a wide variety of Hip-Hop, R&B, Blues and Rock provided the canvas to create an eclectic catalog of soulful, seductive recordings.  With lyrics that are honest, pure, and relatable, he connects with the hearts, minds, and souls of his audiences with infectious vocals and diverse musical arrangements. The “Price Vibe” is often compared to that of Miguel, Bruno Mars, and John Mayer.


In his formative years, Alex Price’s close relationship with his older brother could have easily lured him to follow in his brother’s footsteps of being involved in drugs and street life. Instead, as he pushed through many family hardships resulting from the path his brother chose, Price grew determined to take a more positive turn in life by expressing his experiences through the art of music.


For over 14 years Alex has consistently released an array of original music through a broad spectrum of platforms and audiences where his song-writing acumen has captured the interest of several notable artists, industry giants, and playlist curators. Some of the opportunities that resulted include writing for select Cash Money / Rich Gang artists at the world-renown Hit Factory Studios in Miami; session work in Los Angeles with award-winning producer Dwayne “Muffla” Simon, of L.A. Posse fame; and a remix release by Canada’s Top DJ of the international club scene 4Korners.


Although the studio is his creative zone, the stage is Alex Price’s megaphone! Averaging over 150 shows including international festivals across North America annually, he seduces his audiences with soulful, alluring, vocal lyricism backed by electrifying 6-string artistry. During the early years, Alex, with fellow Canadian Justin Bieber before any notoriety, were captured innocently jamming to “Freebird” (Alex on guitar, Justin on drums) showcasing their burgeoning talents at a local venue.  As Price’s journey continued, he was invited to play and share stages with the late blues legends Mel Brown, Jeff Healey, and Lucky Peterson. Along the way, he was also fortunate enough to have crossed paths with a few of his inspirations – Birdman and Timbaland.


While continuing his independence as an artist under his own label, Priceless Worldwide, Alex passionately enjoys having complete creative control over his music. Not only does he write the lyrics and music, but he also plays the instruments, produces, engineers, and manages the distribution and marketing of his music across global radio and digital platforms.


With a fan base rising exponentially online, Alex Price is getting the attention of streaming service heavyweight Spotify, which has recently placed fan favorite “Love In L.A.” along with other Price singles on such playlists as “It’s a Bop”, “Morning Commute”, “Mint Canada” and “R&B Right Now”.  On Apple Music “New In Dance”, “New Music Daily” and “Breaking Dance” with combined streams of over 1 million to date. Love In L.A. also continues to attract increasing radio play on commercial stations across North America, including his hometown where it placed in the top 6 at 6 sharing the top 10 with today’s leading artists. 


What makes Alex Price different is that he plays numerous instruments including Drums, Bass, Guitar, and Keys.  He is also a performer that sings, writes, and produces.  His music is inspired by classic R&B with a Modern Twist.


What separates Alex Price from his competition, is that he has a proprietary sounding tone to his voice that allows you to differentiate him from other singers in the music scene. He also writes his music from the heart, through his experiences pertaining to his life and surroundings.


Alex’s talent was most recently identified by Ultra Publishing’s Hit Songwriter Demetri James. Demetri invited Alex to work on some K-Pop songs, which later led to Major EDM/Dance Placements with the likes of Smash The House and Crash Your Sound. This allowed Alex to spread his wings in the songwriting arena.

Coincidently Demetri, Alex and frequent collaborator Jaicko Lawrence also co-wrote “Deep End” which happens to be Alex’s new single.  The single was inspired by early 2000’s R&B, and is now available on all music platforms. 

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