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Upcoming Artist Nero is Making an Impact

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When asked about his upbringing and the origin of his music career, DJ Brodie Nero looked up, as if he was looking back on old memories with a fondness as he begins to tell his story with a smile. Looking back on his childhood, he recalls the inevitability of learning instruments from one, or both parents. Nero’s mother was a piano teacher, so it was only a matter of time that she put him to work on the ivory key. His dad was also an avid music listener, playing in a band himself in his younger days, making it only logical that Nero be taught how to play the guitar as well.

Before ultimately becoming the House Music DJ & Producer he is today, DJ Brodie Nero was introduced to his career in music through hiphop at the age of 14. Falling in love with it right away, he started recording songs in his parents basement at 16, giving him the chance to be introduced to the genres of Techno and House while living a digital nomadic lifestyle throughout Europe. Watching contemporary overseas DJ’s lead, yet effortlessly carry the crowd immediately caught Nero’s attention. Nero instantly fell in love, yet again by chance, with the Electronic Music scene, before returning home to study further and teach himself how to become a better DJ and produce more seriously in his twenties.

When asked about his ability to sing or produce music in different lanes, Nero had a lot of insights to offer. “Haha, I can write raps. Like really decent bars. That said, I haven’t sang in the shower in quite a while, but the last time I did I think it was some Tank or Jamie Foxx”, he says, smiling. When asked what he thinks he would be doing right now, if it wasn’t for his music career, he responded with a grin: “Weaseling my way into the industry somehow, anyway. Music is my passion. I’m great at online marketing so I’m sure I’d find myself doing something of the sort for artists, if nothing else.”

DJ Brodie Nero has a broad palate not only as a DJ, but in his taste of venues and artists he has worked with.
“I’ve performed the majority of clubs in Toronto like Escobar, Mr. Wolf, Parlour, Bisha Hotel and More. Now I’m in Bali as a resident DJ for Velvet Room and my next big one is Morabito where big DJ’s like Laolu, Lauren Lane, Martinez Brothers and more. So I’m certainly excited about that. I’m excited to see what things like the internet have done and will continue to do for artists of all backgrounds. It’s made a way for independent artists, that’s for sure. A great online presence, the right online presence, can open up doors.”

When asked about his favorite album or track, Nero responded with another smile: “The only honest answer I can give is that ‘It’s constantly changing as a DJ’, haha. Whenever I come across a song with sick Latin vocal samples and a tribal feel — THAT gets me going!”

DJ Brodie Nero attributes a fair amount of his success to important figures in his life, much like his parents at an earlier age. When asked about some of the best advice he’s ever received, he said: “So, I’ve gotten a lot but recently my mentor and friend Ralf Madi said something that really stuck with me. I was just starting to pick up momentum in Toronto as a House Music DJ. I had just gotten my #1 record on I went to him and told him all this exciting news, only for him to ask me “Yeah, great, and are you happy?” It was a. profound moment for me because I thought at first, “Why isn’t it obvious?” Then I digressed and rephrased that question to myself as “Isn’t that important?!” Then, he told me to “Just take my time.” For whatever reason, this interaction has stuck with me ever since. Long story short — make sure that whatever you are doing, makes you happy and be sure to take your time with the journey.”

When asked his final question, about leaving behind just one message that he could give to his fans, Nero had this to say: “Identify what it is you love most in life and pursue a career in it!” he said, smiling once more.

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