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Get to know Rising Rapper A.K.A. The Truth

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A.K.A. The Truth is one of the most profound artists in the music industry. He found music as an escape from the realities of life and this is how his musical journey began. Producing massive bangers like “Won’t Stop” gained him popularity among the audience and since then he has been grinding to make a difference in the Music Scene.


His Top Shelf Tracks, which have infectious beats, and high-quality music, along with hard-hitting lyrical content, have amassed over 23K monthly Spotify listeners.


Before launching his creation, the artist must work through a few steps. It may start with a beat that elicits an emotion or energy from him. He then moves on to freestyle or top note singing. Sometimes a hook gets caught in his mind and he requires a rhythm to get it out. Because the expression is subjective, he is as fluid as possible with it. As long as he and his producers are aware of the tune’s subject, or whatever else is laid down on the track.


A.K.A.’s favourite project he has worked on so far is an unpublished song called “That’s Change.” It has 11 variations, and it’s because he worked so hard on it and it caused him to grow as a person.


When asked about the struggles faced by an independent artist in a recent interview, A.K.A. told us that being a self-employed artist is more difficult than he anticipated.


He also added, “First and foremost, one must be well-organized. I had to outwork myself every day in order to improve. It’s a business, and the music industry has so many elements that I often lose sight of why I started in the first place. Thankfully, I have people who keep me grounded and have witnessed my development as an artist. They inspire me to keep going despite the difficulties. You can’t be great unless you’ve overcome a few stumbling blocks and little setbacks. I’m not frightened of failing since it teaches me something new about how to improve in the future.”


A.K.A.’s craft is exceptional and he has also offered his supporters a Digital EP Bundle which he takes pride in. It is his Optimistic and ‘Going with the Flow’ mentality that has brought him to this position of being and being appreciated by his listeners.


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