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Tindaloffdae – “Doubtin” | Video

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Hip-Hop’s next big name, Tindaloffdae releases “Doubtin,” convicting the repercussions of hate and jealousy with his delivery of confidence and dignity; available on all digital media platforms.

Fresh out on the scene at just 22 years old Tindaloffdae released his latest heat “Doubtin” a track aimed fearlessly at slaying the hostility and covetous of doubters in his career and his gains. The young and versatile artist delivers his message through scintillating beats and flow incriminating hate, it is a “mic drop” worthy single and a bump and go hard song to flow with. With the influence in the message of certainty and indomitability contained in Juice World and Young Thug’s “Bad Boy” this song portrays Tindaloffdae’s resilience to face his demons head on and chest high.

“When people doubt you, it’s not the end of the world, keep pushing forward over obstacles that seem impossible to pass” – Tindaloffdae

“Doubtin” ‘s production was fueled by @rellscenic on the beat, as Tindaloffdae is no stranger to writing his own flow. At just 11 years old he began rapping and creating his own delivery skills and releasing his first music video “Diss Me ” shortly after. With run-ins with law enforcement in the past, although proven innocent, Tindaloffdae moves with courage knowing there’s always a
target on his back, he will ever overcome it through legitimacy and the individualism of his spirit.

Tindaldoffdae will continue to create more unique music and videos channeling his inner self and identity.

“The best advice I’d give to someone is to take action, take risks, and to chase their goal with a plan. “ – Tindaloffdae

Users are advised the music video for “Doubtin” contains flashing video that may trigger epilepsy.

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