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Tee Grizzley Partners with XSET, LIVE in his GTA RP Server Grizzley World

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Boston, MA (April 6, 2022) – XSET, the world’s fastest-growing gaming and lifestyle organization, announced today an exclusive partnership with Detroit rapper Tee Grizzley. As a part of this partnership, Grizzley and XSET will join forces to invite ex-convicts to join the Grizzley Gang and play in Grizzley World RP, Grizzley’s customized Grand Theft Auto roleplay server. The partnership was announced on Tee Grizzley’s Grand Theft Auto Server, making history by being the first talent that has ever joined a gaming organization live in-game.

“I’m excited to join XSET and take Grizzley Gang Gaming to the next level” said Grizzley. “I’ve always loved gaming for fun, but now it’s so much more than that. I’ve seen how this industry can really change lives and I can’t wait to provide more opportunities for people who have faced similar challenges and adversities as I have.”

Falling in love with games like GoldenEye 007 and Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland, gaming has been part of Grizzley’s lifestyle since childhood. In the gaming world, Tee is best known for streaming Call of Duty and his own customized Grand Theft Auto roleplay server, Grizzley World RP on his Twitch channel. In Grizzley World RP, the rapper takes on numerous roles, from the head of Grizzley Gang to a gang unit detective cleaning up the streets. His server features everyday characters played by everyday people, with the occasional drop-ins by friends like Anthony Davis, who is a part of Grizzley World. Since building the world in 2021, Grizzley World RP has climbed to the top 10 most popular GTA V RP servers worldwide, and recently served as the platform to announce Grizzley’s last album, Built for Whatever.

Similar to his music, Grizzley shares his compelling backstory and raw authenticity in his streams, using it as a way to connect with fans and share a part of his life with them off the stage. But what he values most about the gaming scene is the opportunity it provided him and others – giving them a new and fun way to make money while staying out of trouble and off the streets. Grizzley has already gifted a gaming PC for his friend who was recently released from jail and under house arrest, to encourage him away from going back to old ways and is now a full-time gamer and streamer as well.

“XSet is about pushing boundaries and redefining the world of gaming,” said XSET CBDO and co-founder Clinton Sparks. “We are excited to welcome Tee Grizzley to the set to help give a second chance to those who need one, as well as continuing to introduce gaming to those unfamiliar with the opportunities it provides. XSET is building the world’s greatest culture club and Tee with his music, gaming and entrepreneurial spirit is an amazing representation of what that means.”

With the announcement of this partnership comes the drop of the first of three installments of Tee Grizzley x XSET merchandise. Within Tee Grizzley’s GTA server will be a merchandise store where players can go and purchase the commemorative shirt to wear while in Grizzley World RP. The proceeds from the sales of the first installment of t-shirts will be used for giving personal consoles to ex-incarcerated inmates who have a passion for gaming and are looking to start a positive future.

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