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Rocstar – “The One” (Official Video)

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Former NFL star-turned-recording artist Rocstar drops the visual to his next big hit, “The One.” In the new release, Rocstar pours his heart out to earn the love and affection of the leading lady. Known for his leadership abilities obtained from his past life, the emerging artist’s latest effort shows the star power he processes and what he has in store for us next.

Rocstar on the song and video:

“‘The One’ is about me being number one not just in her eyes but in all eyes. How there are none better and to prove that I express how I’m in and out because she’s too basic in hopes that it will wake her up and all people to see that they have to get on the train now “I’m one of one no replacing”. I carry a lot of confidence that people may call cocky but usually, those are the people that are not confident in themselves. ‘Sorry if I’m coming on too strong’ is the line I use to express that. Shoutout to High life Flo for the help with this one and for helping express the way I was feeling. It’s the biggest hit of now and then.

“The One” is available on all digital streaming platforms. Expect more from Rocstar in the coming months as he prepares for a full-length release.

Watch “The One” here and follow Rocstar on social media.

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