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New Jersey’s Hidden Gem: P.O. Breezy Is Next Up!

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Fresh to the scene, upcoming hip-hop artist P.O. Breezy is set to take over the game soon. Having already worked with artists like Lil Trunk and Aj da don, P.O. is almost always one step ahead of the game; but he’s got bigger plans in store. He tells us that he is currently on the look out for a record deal and to let OVO know that they are his first choice. P.O. also says that he is always in creative mode and ready to work whenever.

Some people may wonder how Mr. Breezy coined his name; well he was kind enough to give us the inside scoop. P.O. says that his neighborhood is where the P.O. originated and that in high school he was oftentimes referred to as Breezy. We think he’s got a bright future ahead and think that you should keep up with his next moves. He told us that the music he is working on is the best he’s ever made and he can’t wait to share it. His hard-work does not go unnoticed, and he has yet to perform his first show because he is locked in the studio 24/7 perfecting his craft. Don’t sleep, he’s just getting started!

Follow P.O. Breezy: @po_breezy

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