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Upcoming Producer and DJ PRIM Looks To Make An Impact Through Her Music

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Upcoming producer and musician PRIM has never been one to follow the status quo. Once the artist was finished with high school she decided to pursue a career full time in the music industry. “Instead of going to college, I dove in head first putting all of my time and money into my music career by buying DJ gear, sound and studio equipment,” explained PRIM.

PRIM has already started to make a name for herself as an independent artist. The creative also splits time as a model, usually booked for appearances in other artists’ music videos. Her goal is to empower others and help them along the way. “I empower women and spend a lot of my time on social media building my brand while helping others do the same with theirs,” said PRIM.

PRIM’s goal is to take her brand to another level, rising above just being boxed into the music industry. “I plan on creating a brand for myself more than just music, something everyone can be a part of.”

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