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International Sensation Official ZeZe Is A Name To Get Used To

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International sensation Official ZeZe has fought through contracts and continents to become the success story he is today. From China to London to Hollywood, he’s taken a journey around the world to get his music heard. With major collaborations and brand partnerships in the works, in 2022 it’s a safe bet to get used to the name ZeZe.


ZeZe’s expedition from Chinese prodigy to being a superstar producer in LA was a triumphant one. In China he studied instrumentation since he was young under the tutelage of his mother. This skill led him to the Royal Academy of Music in London, where he studied music composition and orchestral arrangements. His classical training from China and England are perfectly combined with his ability to produce American style hip hop music. ZeZe has planned his next collaboration with multi-platinum award winner Soulja Boy, and is spending 2022 letting his work as an artist, producer, and businessman speak for itself. His new single with frequent collaborator & drummer Jun5 titled “All My Scars” recently surpassed Juice Wrld breaking into the Top 40 on the iTunes hip hop charts.


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