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Ovados is On the Rise

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Legally known as Imani, OvaDos is a rapper, producer, and songwriter from Inglewood,
California. According to the rapper and producer, the name OvaDos was given to her by
a close female friend. In high school, she was fondly called DosBraidz because she
had just two braids which she “thought was cool.” After getting her braids cut, she could
not keep the name DosBraidz anymore. However, she wanted to keep the “Dos” part of her name, and from that time, she went by the name Dos. After releasing her first single, it was just a matter of time before she found out that there was a band named “Dos’ ‘ and this often confused people who were instead
searching for her music and not the band’s music. It was at this point that Imani asked her
best friend to help him with a better name. She initially gave him the name “Overdose,”
which didn’t sit quite well with Imani. She, however, suggested they spell it as “OvaDos”
instead. A major turning point in OvaDos’ career journey was when she got terminated from her
first job. According to OvaDos, this was rather an inspirational moment for her as it forced her into deep reflection and reconsiderations. After getting terminated because she stayed back from work during the COVID-19 period, majorly because of her past respiratory issues, OvaDos was forced to reconsider the artistic part of his life

After contemplating probable sources of income to support his music, she prayed about it.
For her, spirituality had always been part of her life. After about an hour after praying, she
got a text from an artist she had been producing for. The artist proposed putting him on a
contract as his [the artist’s] producer and paying her [OvaDos] some “good amount of
money” monthly. For OvaDos, this was a sign telling her that he has to fight for her
voice to be heard in the industry – not just as an artist, but also as a producer and
engineer. OvaDos’ earliest influences were musicians like Eminem, J. Cole, and Jill Scott.
According to Ovados, Eminem inspires her to be lyrical and also practice her flows, while Jill Scott was merely an outlet for relaxation. But as she got older, she resonated more towards Russ and that made OvaDos want to be “her everything.” OvaDos first started as a producer, then progressed to rapping, and then proceeded to sing. For OvaDos, one of his greatest challenges was staying motivated and fighting self-doubt as an artist. However, she got to realize that the doubts only came because she was more focused on the numbers and not on the actual essence of making music. According to OvaDos, J. Cole and Russ remain his greatest inspirations. In her own words, OvaDos defined the influences of these two musicians on his person and music – “J. Cole helped me figure out how I wanted to sound on a track when I first started out making music. Russ made me want to continue my education so that I could be who he is which is his boss, his producer, his engineer, his label, etc. I admired that and still do
and will forever work until I reach that point in my career.”

OvaDos considers getting 76,000 streams on her track “Don’t Miss” as one of his greatest
achievements so far as an artist. OvDos’ most recent project is the single “Finally”
featuring Gee 4, which he dropped on February 22nd. For OvaDos, what makes her stand out from the crowd is the fact that dhe can sing, rap, produce and engineer his music, unlike many other artists who can’t. She hopes to release some more music, collaborate some more, and spread his wings farther across the world. Ovados’ new music “Certified” will be dropping on April 22nd by midnight.

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