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Hazey Taughtme: Elevating Independent Artists with Comprehensive Marketing Solutions and Media Exposure

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The Power of Platform Building for Independent Artists


The music industry has evolved rapidly, creating new opportunities for independent artists to build their careers. One notable figure leading the charge in providing these artists with the tools and strategies needed to thrive is Hazey Taughtme, the founder of HAZE ENT. By using his expertise in entertainment marketing, Hazey has helped many artists, athletes, and personalities amplify their platforms and reach new heights of success.

Creating Brand Collaborations for Maximum Impact


Collaboration is key in today’s entertainment landscape. Hazey Taughtme understands the importance of forging connections between brands and artists to create mutually beneficial relationships. He has a proven track record of crafting and implementing brand collaborations that elevate both parties, ultimately driving business visibility and growth.

Securing Media Placements for Increased Exposure


In a world of constant content, securing media placements is essential for independent artists looking to make their mark. Hazey’s extensive experience in marketing and public relations has allowed him to secure coveted placements for his clients in prestigious outlets like Forbes, Revolt’s Drink Champs, Vlad TV, Hot97, and more. By helping artists gain exposure in high-profile media outlets, Hazey Taughtme is enabling them to build stronger platforms and engage with wider audiences. He also has worked with Thisis50, The Source, AllHipHop, HipHopWeekly, and Earmilk.

Digital Consultancy Services for Online Success


In the age of digital connectivity, having a strong online presence is crucial for success. Hazey offers digital consultancy services to entrepreneurs, guiding them on how to maximize their online impact. His expertise in digital marketing and strategy has helped many artists, athletes, and entrepreneurs strengthen their brands and reach their target audiences effectively.

BLACK CANNABIS MAGAZINE: A Trailblazing Publication


In 2021, Hazey Taughtme launched the print edition of BLACK CANNABIS MAGAZINE, garnering worldwide media attention from leading publications. This groundbreaking venture demonstrated Hazey’s commitment to exploring the opportunities presented by the cannabis industry and its potential to transform the economic prospects for people of color worldwide.

StupidDOPE: Hazey’s Contributions to the Music Scene


Hazey Taughtme’s influence extends beyond marketing as he writes for, covering music releases, events, and pop culture trends. His articles showcase his deep understanding of the music industry and his ability to spot emerging talent.

The HAZE ENT Studio: A One-Stop-Shop for Independent Artists


Located in downtown Los Angeles, HAZE ENT’s studio offers artists the opportunity to record music, shoot vlogs, music videos, and documentaries. This one-stop-shop allows artists to focus on their craft while HAZE ENT handles everything from content creation to marketing. As a multifaceted company, HAZE ENT is always busy, whether it’s throwing events for celebrities, managing press, capturing content, or elevating a brand.

Leading with Value: HAZE ENT’s Slogan and Mission


HAZE ENT’s slogan, “We Lead with Value,” underscores Hazey Taughtme’s dedication to providing independent artists with comprehensive, high-quality services that propel their careers forward. By prioritizing value and consistently delivering results, Hazey and his team have become an indispensable resource for artists looking to make their mark on the entertainment industry.

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