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Author, Artist, and Entrepreneur, Mobeen Mian, Focuses on Digital Collaboration Alongside Publishing Book

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Developing diversified cooperation and partnership, according to Mobeen Mian, is the most important notion in the growth of any start-up brand, small company, or even corporation. Mian has worked with a diverse range of musical artists and business owners from across the globe, many of whom are well-known and respected in their fields. Just recently, the PhD student at Columbia University published his own manuscript on the topic of introducing diversity into upper and middle management teams. Even though the subject is wide, Mobeen Mian skillfully cuts it down based on organizational leadership. With aspirations in his sector, he graduated with his Master’s in business and organizational leadership, and in July of 2017, he founded his multimedia firm, #Focuseddd.


The multi-media company #Focuseddd has helped brand various social media accounts for local artists in the Dallas metroplex under the analytic techniques of Mobeen Mian. And in 2022 specifically, the brand has already created and published news articles for over 100 different individuals and their stories. Every Tuesday night in Dallas, the #Focuseddd team works with Charlie Rihoo, the event’s originator, and proprietor of Rihoo Records, to promote “The Dallas Open Mic.” More than 300 people from all across the country come to this event each week to celebrate diversity and inclusion.

#Focuseddd was the first multi-media brand from Dallas to tour other cities in many countries in 2021, generating publicity in every city it visited. Author, Mobeen Mian’s prior initiatives with his team have developed partnerships that were used to create this tour.

Mian’s book, in which readers and businesses are pushed to review their talent management practices, also includes suggestions on how to better support diversity and inclusion inside enterprises. Some of the difficulties highlighted will be familiar to anybody in a leadership or talent management job, and Mian thinks that the readers will benefit from taking the time to analyze the solutions presented to suit their future requirements within their organizations’ cultures.

Mobeen Mian was born in Detroit, Michigan, on May 21st, 1996. His family moved to Dallas, Texas, when he was eight years old. old. A more straightforward answer than expected came from Mobeen Mian when asked what he thought cooperation meant to him in the context of small businesses and start-ups. That was investment. His social media platforms, both personal and professional, have amassed over 100,000 followers, and he has explained that people should support one another’s ambitions. Whether it’s time, money, or simply a word of encouragement. It is his belief that this leads to more diversity. As a consequence of these elements, Mian argues that businesses are interdependent and mutually beneficial. Understanding each other’s long-term goals is essential to progress.

According to Mian, although his brand’s mission is to inspire anybody and everyone, partnerships with artists, sports, politicians, business leaders, non-profit organizations and musicians, among other individuals, are the primary focus of his brand’s collaborations.

The epidemic and particular protections implemented at the state and federal levels in 2020 and 2021 offered a number of challenges for entrepreneurs. As a result, social events and contact meetings with other individuals were severely limited. On the other side, businesses have thrived thanks to social media, and for Mobeen Mian, collaborations and the incorporation of diversity in his efforts have been very helpful. Mobeen, the man behind the #Focuseddd movement, says that he likes working with positive people and that his partnerships with companies always help him learn new things.

American author, Mobeen Mian created and oversees the work of the non-profit organization #Focuseddd as well as serving as its analytics ambassador, investor, and project coordinator. The doctoral student continues to work with musical artists and entrepreneurs and also does digital coordination for the non-partisan organization ‘Faith in Texas’ that support the equality of people of all races and religions. A devout Muslim, Mian is consistent with his endeavors. 

At the moment, Mobeen Mian has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of North Texas. He owns his Master’s in Organizational Leadership, and now pursues his education forward at  Columbia International University’s PhD program.

Manuscript Link: Incorporation of Diversity Within Upper and Middle Managements: 9798782016753: Mian, Mobeen: Books

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