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Get To Know Comedian Jordan Jackson

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Jordan Jackson was born to be a comedian. In his childhood and college years, he was a clown kid who amused everyone. He entertained everyone in his circle and always got feedback that he was so good at what he was doing.

He always believed that making people happy and tricking them to laugh in this world full of difficulties and tensions is the most sacred thing that anyone can do. Having this belief and talent, this kid started his career as a stand-up comedian in 2014. With the beliefs he had and the talent he got, what else could he do? He started rocking the entertainment industry and is now an amazing rising comedian in the industry. He is currently having more than 279k followers on Instagram.

Jordan Jackson was a student of Southern Arkansas University, and his major subject was Theatre Arts. While studying there, he gave special attention to the natural talent that he brought with him from the holy heavens and laid a very good foundation for being an excellent comedian, actor, and writer. Besides this, he started imitating the legends of the comedy world like Jimmie Walker, and there, his reputation as an actor began to emerge. His mimicking was so perfect and on point.

Kountry Wayne took him under his wing and introduced Jordan to stand-up comedy and social media. Jackson spent 5 years with Wayne and those 5 years taught him the tricks of the trade. He deeply observed Wayne’s work ethic and got the motivation to work harder.

Jackson is a highly energetic, funny comedian and actor who always makes his stage presence in such a charismatic way that everyone becomes his fan. He is very happy to be on the road to healing people through his entertainment. He advised all the newcomers to always speak their truth, be their number one fan first, and invest in themselves before they ask someone else to do that.

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