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French Montana x Coi Leray X 42 Dugg Share Music Video For “Push Start”

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French Montana has always had a way with words, swag and blurring borders. Since 2017, French has taken over the charts and taken over the globe at the same time. His East Coast rhymes have earned a nine-times platinum certification, so I wasn’t surprised when the lyrics below had me bopping my head:

“Word to Trina, I’ma trick on it (woo)
We ain’t throwin’ ones, throwin’ bricks on it (yeah, yeah)
Watchin’ all the drip ’til she slip on it
If that’s your best friend tell her lick on it (yeah, yeah)
Suck on it, touch on it, kiss on it, flip on it, buss on it
Buss down, buss down, get your freak on
Count it up, count it up, that’s my theme song
Is you fuckin’ for the love or fuckin’ these millions?
I be tryna be a ho but I got feelings
She a lil’ freak, comin’ for my head top
Buss it down, gave me head like Jill Scott
Shawty kept it a hunnid, never hit the switch on me
Richard Millie on my arm, call me Rich Homie (woo)”

Check out the video below:


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