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Will Thompson believes that if you’re going to dream, you should dream big.

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For this insatiable movie maker, there is no difference between big dreams and little dreams, so he figured out long ago that it’s best to shoot for the stars and just see what happens.

So far, the results have been nothing short of spectacular.

Thompson is currently in pre-production for his seventh film produced by Urban Visionary Films. Titled Talk to Me, he wrote the dramatic film and will also produce and star in it. Talk to Me is entirely self-financed by this creative genius, who also serves as CEO for Urban Visionary Films.

Thompson certainly isn’t one to sit around and twiddle his thumbs. He founded Urban Visionary Films to tell stories from his own unique cultural perspective and he has no shortage of material to work with. He moves quickly from project to project, with the stories tumbling out from the depths of his soul.

That’s how Talk to Me begun production so quickly after he wrapped up work on his previous film, Good Intentions.

“There’s so much I have to share and during the pandemic, all of it was bottled up inside of me,” said Thompson. “At some point, it all had to spill out so here I am, working as ferociously as I can to get the ideas out of my head, onto a script and into film production.”

He instantly pushed the start button on Talk to Me despite the highly touted success of Good Intentions, his previous film that was released just as 2021 was coming to a close. That film received rave reviews and was recently released on Amazon Prime. He will also soon be available on Tubi as well.

Thompson knows that he could have basked in the success of Good Intentions for a while, but for him there is no time to waste.

Each film is very personal to him. They are often a reflection of societal issues combined with the grittiness of his childhood in Chicago. In Good Intentions, for example, Thompson didn’t shy away from making the main character, Alex Mason, a police officer despite society’s reaction to the entire law enforcement profession after the death of George Floyd.

Big dreams, he figures, are often worth the big risk that goes hand in hand with them. That’s why he is not afraid to put up his own money and self-finance his films. This way he retains complete creative control over his stories and doesn’t have to wait between projects to secure financing. Instead, he can work on the project he wants to without having to answer to – or wait for – anyone else.

Thompson was reminded of the risk and reward during the COVID-19 pandemic. Like many small businesses, Urban Visionary Films found itself in uncharted territory during the global health crisis. He had just started filming Good Intentions in Chicago but due to emergency pandemic orders, had to shut down production. At the time, he felt defeated, having to pull back during a time when he and his company were experiencing a thrilling momentum and were poised to rise to the top of the industry.

It was during this period when Thompson dug in deep and continued to push his projects forward as much as he could. Instead of watching Netflix for hours on end or reorganizing his closets, Thompson remained focused on his career, writing scripts, honing his acting skills and connecting with others in the movie industry. His dedication and perseverance paid off as he emerged stronger than ever, ready to tackle his long list of projects with renewed enthusiasm.

Today, as he and his company celebrate unprecedented success with Good Intentions, they continue to propel forward with Talk to Me. For Thompson, there is no time to rest, just exciting projects to pursue. His passion is crafting films that resonate with viewers, making them think about what they have just witnessed on the screen. His goal is to leave them with memories that they can take with them and continue to ponder later as opposed to being strictly entertained.

“That’s why I am so excited by Talk to Me,” Thompson said. “It’s a beautiful script and I can’t wait to bring this moving story to the big screen. There’s no time to waste. I really love the daily grind and it’s very rewarding when people – strangers even – can see all the hard work you’ve poured into a project and really respect your hustle.”

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