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Ace NH Releases Highly Anticipated EP, “Most Hated”

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Ace NH has come a long way and is shaping his life to reflect it. Juggling a new path on the college road pursuing a business degree while keeping his head low and sticking to the booths, Ace is doing everything in his power to put his people on.

“Everybody in my camp got their own thing, whether it’s selling a product, camera or computer design work, or clothes and fashion, we all got some type of hustle and I want to put it all under a business and have everyone getting legal money doing what they are good at.”

Ace recently released a new EP tgive his fans a little something til the next release; the EP is unfortunately, appropriately titled Most Hated. The project has tracks highlighting Ace’s recent life experiences. Its truly amazing what Ace NH has accomplished in just 4 years in the music industry.

Feeling late to the rap game only taking it seriously at the age of 20 he feels the booth is the perfect place to unleash all the things he’s gone through in his life. “In the right environment my music can probably take me far.” Putting in the work to string all of his ambitions together to form a label, Ace NH is definitely a name to keep on your radar.

Check out more from Ace NH in the links down below.

Spotify Link For “Most Hated”

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