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Musical Modern Rapper CamoGlizzy Continues To Push Limits In 2022

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Cameron Deshawn Giggetts, better known as CamoGlizzy is a renowned multi-genre music artist and rapper. CamoGlizzy has continued to develop his craft since he started his musical career in 2017, he has charmed his fans with his unique signature modern hip-hop sound, and his deep commitment to music has enabled him to develop his own distinct style and contribute something fresh to the music world. He communicates a specific hue mood and heavenly energy with each tune he releases.

Originally hailing from North Carolina CamoGlizzy has always considered himself a musical person from conception. At the age of 14 CamoGlizzy sparked interest in being a hip-hop artist mainly being inspired by “J.Cole”, “Lil Wayne”, “TLC” & “Montell Jordan”, he uses a raw uncut voice with gritty lyrics over smooth melodies to help define his unique sound. Being an independent artist it’s difficult at the beginning but it has given CamoGlizzy the freedom to create what he wants. It’s important for him to show his listeners what he wants to curate without any restrictions. CamoGlizzy understands he didn’t get to where he is overnight. He knows success is a journey, and you will be called upon when the moment is right. CamoGlizzy wants to make a name for himself and become one of today’s music leaders. 


Rising rapper CamoGlizzy is a game-changer, an established talent who is quickly gaining recognition. Stay up to date with all of his latest content below. Connect with CamoGlizzy at

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