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Stina Aleah on Using Art to Make a Difference and Raise Awareness About Mental Health

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Artists of the past and present are often confronted with the same rhetoric: what can your art do? This question speaks of the undervaluation of drawings, films, paintings, sculptures, and more and widespread ignorance of the extent to which the arts can provide commentary about today’s most pressing issues, communicate information, and make life more enjoyable. Through her work, Stina Aleah hopes to not only capture the attention of those who understand the impact of art in society but also to reach the individuals who are unfamiliar with its power. Above anything else, she intends to utilize her art to open conversations about mental health and inspire people from all walks of life. 

A self-taught painter, Stina Aleah has made a mark over the years for her distinctive artistry and commitment to sending across powerful messages through her work. Like other creatives, she holds a deep-seated love for the field, but in her case, that passion stemmed from an intimate awareness of the value art possesses. When she suffered a sports-related injury, it was art that she turned to in order to heal physically and mentally. Since then, the purpose-driven artist has poured her heart into the craft, drawing inspiration from real-life experiences to create breath-taking oil paintings that leave audiences inspired and in awe. 

Since 2016, Stina Aleah has demonstrated her immense talent and arsenal of skills through oil paintings that immediately found a home in the abodes of art enthusiasts. Some of her work is now on foreign lands, and others have graced national galleries and exhibitions, including “New Beginnings,” “Helping Hands,” “All Things Detroit,” “Crocker Park Art Fair,” and “Black Arts Expo.” Additionally, she’s collaborated with several household names and partnered with numerous brands, from Disney’s Marvel, Excedrin, and Facebook to the NBA, Fab House Foundation, and South Miami Dade Cultural Arts Center. In addition, Aleah has painted a mural for Bleacher Report, and has worked for Complex magazine for 2 months.

While the quality of her oil paintings can indeed be credited for the long list of achievements currently attached to her name, it is undeniable that her all-out attitude toward establishing a connection with viewers and resonating with their lived experiences through her paintings has allowed Stina Aleah to reach great heights. From the get-go, she’s allowed herself to be vulnerable, sharing her stories and using her paintings as the catalyst for her evolution. 

Deeply influenced by human emotion and behavior, Stina Aleah uses portraiture anatomy to bring her images to life. She’s known to incorporate elements that convey something much more profound than what is surmised after the first glance. “Behind every brushstroke, transition of color and embellished figure underlies a hidden message,” she shared on her official website. “I encourage viewers to look beyond the surface of the canvas to uncover stories that are relevant and identifiable to ourselves and our society.” 

In her creative initiatives thus far, Stina Aleah has also placed a heavy premium on shedding light about mental health and promoting mental wellbeing, empowering viewers to have faith and hope amid the struggles they’re dealing with. This extensive effort toward motivating others is expected to characterize her works in the years to come. 

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