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Money Mo is Bringing his Versatile Sound to the Rap Scene

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At just 17 years old, Los Angeles-based artist Money Mo is pursuing his dream. The rapper, who’s been compared to artists like 24K Goldn and J.I, is known for his unique sound and melodic rap style. Mo’s love for music started at an early age, listening to different genres which helped inspire his career choice.

After releasing his first single on SoundCloud a few years ago, he’s now taking music more seriously and already has a few songs under his belt. He’s also worked with some big names, including Nick Cannon, with whom he’s recorded six tracks already. “Nick Cannon has the same trainer,” Mo said. “When he played one of my songs for Nick, he said he liked my melodic sound and a few days later we had a meeting. Shortly after we were in his studio recording.”

Although music is his main focus, Mo has expressed his desire to help other aspiring artists who want to get started in the industry, through his platform. But music isn’t the only thing on his mind. “I want to create a brand that extends beyond music to clothing, a record label, a restaurant, and maybe even make my own car.”

For now, Money Mo is dropping some gems with songs like “Crazy Day” and the DJ Carisma-produced track, “Aye Aye Aye”. He’s already gearing up to release his next single “Pina Colada” in April, and is currently shooting the music video for it. Even at such a young age, the rapper is making some serious moves, while trying to break into the most difficult industries.

Watch the music video for “Crazy Day” below and stay connected with Money Mo on social media.

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