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“Luke Nolimit, on how he got started & his creative process with artists”

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Luke Nolimit is on a mission to set high limits. Born in Miami and currently residing in Los Angeles, he holds the key to unlocking the success of his clients. Luke employs his understanding of the competitive musical world, as well as his methods and tactics, to guarantee that his clients stand out in the industry.


Luke Nolimit has worked with many big names like Jimmy Duval who is a known personality in the industry. He also prefers to work with the right people like Songwriters, Producers, Directors, Instrumentalists, and everyone associated with the production of the music.


So let us take a quick look back at how and when it all began and how Luke Nolimit has turned into an amazing artist manager. When he was a kid, his mother made him join a choir. Not having a perfect pitch, he still managed to understand and recognize music and Sonics. Eventually, he along with his companions started a recording studio in Boca Raton, FL after graduation. The experience of being a studio manager made him realize that one could make a living out of music.


Luke Nolimit recognized a tremendous chance to start as an artist manager as someone who has always loved music. Luke has become a well-known manager, entrepreneur, and Amazing Individual thanks to his understanding of music and passion to assist others.


Mentioning his creative processes Luke added, “To be honest it’s not as complicated as people think. We usually start with my writer Anders Grahn sending me a top-line over a simple beat he produced, then I listen to it over and over again, before I decide what artist it could fit best for. Once we figure out which artist it belongs to, the tweaking begins. Depending on the artist, they’ll take notes & suggestions differently than others. So it’s something you have to learn to deal with because artists live in a world of their own. Sometimes I send out records and don’t even get to hear the final versions till they’re ready for release. It’s the bitter-sweet side of the industry.”


He is a very focused and consistent manager of artists and is very proud of what he is doing. He is an executive manager and in addition to the musical side, he also has to take care of the business side. Even though his work is a bit harder due to his passion, he is in love with it.


Despite the difficulties Luke has had at work, he says that watching others succeed and progress has motivated him to strive harder. He wants to work with huge names like Justin Beiber and Ariana Grande, so he’s working around the clock.


It is very rare to come across managers who prioritize their clients. As his name implies, nothing can limit Luke’s abilities and he sets the bar high every single time. Luke suggests that young artist managers stay focused and consistent in their work. He may not be motivated to work every day, but the value drives him.


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