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Leia Monroe Talks HouseOfMonroee, Polo G, and 10 Year Plan

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When you are born in a family where your brothers and sisters are well-known in the creative world, sometimes it’s difficult for the other siblings to do something different so that the spectators remember them by their name and not by others. With her maturity as an entrepreneur, Leia Monroe, a seven-year-old sister of Polo G, has stormed the Fashion Industry.


Leia Monroe is the youngest of the Capalot family. She doesn’t need any introduction because her thoughts, her maturity, and her ambition speak the most about how wonderful she is. She established her clothing brand “ House of Monroee” which has the aim of making every girl feel like a princess. They stand out by designing pieces that make women feel confident and empowered while wearing them.


Leia comes from a musical family who loves fashion, but for her, fashion is much more than that, which inspired this clothing line.


Besides, she also faced a lot of negativity while establishing herself as people criticized her for doing this at such an early age. But this girl did not give up and that’s why she was all ready to walk on the path of success from such a tender age.


She also wrote a book named “Leia – The bully proof bunny” which she published when her brother’s career peaked and she was bullied for that. Her mother, however, suggested she write a book for kids who get bullied too, so they can learn how to deal with it.


Polo G is Leia’s biggest inspiration as he supports her at every step and makes her believe that anything is possible if one does diligent work.


In ten years, she sees herself as an actor in a major motion picture or creating her own show on television.


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