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Itsgreg.s drops hits song “Yolo”

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Itsgreg.s is back with another banger! “Yolo”. Itsgreg.s has made a lot of waves in the music industry due to great music, consistency, hard work & talent. Itsgreg.s never disappoints his fans.This song has been well received by his fans and music critics. The song is upbeat and makes you want to turn the speaker up and dance.


Itsgreg.s puts his heart and soul into his music, videos, and craft. He is a businessman with an entrepreneurial mindset and is very musically inclined. Itsgreg.s has delivered some new musical heat to warm us up for this cold winter. Moving into 2022, the future is looking bright for Itsgreg.s. Itsgreg.s was recently hit over 10 thousand followers on Instagram and has been applying pressure all 2021. We recommend you check out “Yolo” by Itsgreg.s if you like good music and dancing and stay tuned for what this young artist has coming up next. Itsgreg.s has been featured on Hiphop Weekly, Hiphop since 1987



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