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Bruno Maciel is Laying the Beats for Music’s Live Return

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Brazilian DJ Bruno Maciel is changing his professional name to DJ iBruno. The change, which comes seven years into his electronic music career, comes about after the rise of several other DJs with the same name. However, this specific change for Brazil’s top rising talents in the e-music scene marks him as one to watch.

Hailing from Balneario Camboriu in Santa Catarina state, Brazil. This coastal city lies halfway between Sao Paulo and Porto Alegre. The Tesla mad DJ has built a solid career in the e-music industry, touring globally and even playing Lollapalooza. The 32-year old DJ has also released the EP Unviralize and debut album Chain of Legends. His title track from his debut EP, Unviralize, has had 52,000+ listens on Spotify alone.

We should not be surprised that Balneario Camboriu, named after a kind of fish teems in the area, has produced a new hot talent in the electronic music scene. For most of the year, Balneario Camboriu has a modest population of around 150,000 people but come summer, that swells to over a million as people from all over South America flock to the city. Many come for the beaches, more come for the music, and at the heart of that are artists like DJ iBruno.

This has made it, according to Forbes magazine, the capital of e-music in Brazil. It is home to two of the biggest clubs in the country – the Warung club and the Green Valley Club. The latter of which can generate a nightly income of $1.6 million. In 2012, the famous Ibiza nightclub Space opened an affiliate there – Space B. Camboriu. DJ iBruno has played them all.

It’s in this environment that Bruno Maciel grew up, and so it should be no surprise to see him rise within the scene. This is his home and his bread and butter. Rebranding, taking on the iBruno moniker, will see him reach a broader audience in the time of iPhones, iTunes, Tesla, and an ever-increasing tech/meta world.

The name change announcement was made on November 1st, 2021, and took effect at the beginning of this year. He announced in characteristically showmanship style during a live benefit event.

We’re excited to see what the future holds for Bruno Maciel under the moniker DJ iBruno. Whether it is going to be fresh tracks and albums or new shows worldwide, he is an artist of enormous potential and a growing reputation in e-music. As the world reopens, the demand for top-quality DJs worldwide is going to increase again – partygoers are going to want to hear new voices and the best voices in the industry.

Not only is he well-placed to build his career around the world, but to raise international awareness of Brazilian music. But, as the Forbes article suggests – it’s time for Bossanova to move over – Brazil is leading the charge in electronic music, and this man is at the forefront.

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