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Erinem is Rebellious, Hungry, and Lyrical on New Album, “Y.B.A.L.A.”

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Erinem’s album, “Y.B.A.L.A.” proves she isn’t simply a female rapper, but a dope artist with a talent that embodies the culture.

Born Erin Emily Wheeler in the small town of Tyler, Texas, Erinem overcame hardships and experiences many would crumble beneath. She emerged a rising lyricist and producer, with hip hop embedded in her soul.

Erinem’s second studio album, “Y.B.A.L.A.” aka, “You Bitches Ain’t Listening Anyway” was released on March 25th, 2022. The album’s title reflects the creativity and attention to detail in her work. With the album’s un-abbreviated title correlating to the individual track names, you can read the full 5-word album title by reading each names on the 5-song track-list. The album is rebellious, going against the new regime of industry leaders caging artists to conform to social media shenanigans to appease their faint attention span and need for lackluster music. Refusing to play by those rules, Erinem (along with album producer Guy Bartov) decided that “Y.B.A.L.A.” would be a project that spoke to her truth in an industry trying to control her narrative.

“You” starts off with a rhyme-scheme-heavy flow of intricate and complex wordplay structures from a punchline guru. Erinem cleverly pieces together a tale telling of a lover exposing their significant other in ambiguity, having the power to destroy their entire world yet simultaneously not giving them the pleasure of having a song dedicated to their true character.

“Bitches” picks up after “You” enlisting the D-12 wordsmith Bizarre on the energy fueled track reminiscent of hip hop’s golden era. The song gives listeners the noteworthy Erinem punchline, “Bitch is doing side-kicks, spastic/ In skin tight elastics/ Acting like it’s magic/ Bitch you’re like the title of M*A*S*H/ All ass-tricks! (Asterix).”

“Ain’t” follows up with equal tenacity, an emotion-filled dissection of a legal battle between her and a deceitful A&R rep working for a major record label. The song details their parting of ways, which occurred in 2021. “Ain’t” is as real as it gets, utilizing actual recordings of their fallout within the intro and outro of the song.

Track 4, “Listening,” expresses the duality of Erinem’s lyricism. The song perfectly portrays the faults in communication between two lovers, both pointing fingers at each other when the one the finger should be pointed at, is themselves.

“Y.B.A.L.A.” ends on the song, “Anyway,” which is a testament of Erinem’s sheer will and passion for hip hop. The song conveys the struggle, the tears, the sleepless nights for little gain, but also the love of the craft that continues to push Erinem towards her dreams, for without it there is no her.

Erinem is breaking the mold and standing on what hip hop was meant to be. Stay locked in for more upcoming releases from Erinem. Her recently-released album, “Y.B.A.L.A.” is available now everywhere music is streamed.



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