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Josh Stone Debut Solo Project, Therapy Sessions Out Now

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It is no surprise to Josh Stone, CEO of Real Vibes Only, that he has made it successfully into the cut-throat music industry. Once a college hockey player who dominated himself on the court to now a recruiter for upscale record labels, Stone turned a low point of his life into a success story. It was 19 years ago when Diplomatic immunity dropped and changed the culture forever. Today, Dipset reunites on Josh Stones “Therapy Sessions” with “Soul Snatchers” produced by Heatmakerz. On the album he shares the story in his first debut project he just released titled “Therapy Sessions”, a personal documentary revealing a tragic period in his life that seemed as though he was headed to down into a dark abyss, turns into a success story of how he channels that energy into developing a keen ear for what sounds good and will also be a hit. The expression of his story transformed itself to what is now a catalog of his story that he hopes to touch the lives of others.

His pain had stemmed from a series of tragic losses starting with losing his ability to become a pro NHL player. Things kept getting darker however, he chose to make music during it instead of taking a break. He shares that “ [he] was numb and I wanted to feel, [he] felt numb. That’s why [he] initially picked up [his] laptop to make beats and write down [his] thoughts as poems.” he continued to share that anyone who has been around him will tell you that he prefers the studio rather the night club and channels his energy the same way he did in hockey, except this time (in music) he felt doubted which fuel him to keep perfecting his craft of making songs.

He adopted the skills of being competitive under pressure and as a typical hockey player, he was willing to fight on the gamefloor – this time, in any room. When he first started out, he took mentorship with rap legends such as Master P and Camron. “I always say real athletes who have played at a high level mindset are different. To name some quick examples look at the success of Master P who used to play ball and opened up No Limit back in the day and is successful in his ventures. Same with Camron and his career and businesses he owns the majority of Harlem but no one would think that. My work ethic is/was equal to or even greater then it was from hockey.”

His real mentorship stemmed from a connection made during the first phases of his career when he met Chuck D. I remember Chuck D telling me “make your first 100 songs and then throw them out if your serious and start over” so I did that. And that’s when he took me seriously, I was following his directions to the T. I took life lessons out of hockey from NHL Hall of famer and Coach Bobby Nystrom who when I played for him, I scored 6 goals in a game he said “why are you smiling you should of had 8” that’s my mindset in not just music but life, its a gift and a curse thinking like this.

Creating music became something similar to an obsession and as his mother would say, he was “losing his mind: in it. Josh Stone’s hard work ethic plays a big role in what he defines as success. “Work ethic wise, no one will out work me, I remember being in LA, and we knocked out 1 song in 48 minutes from scratch. I remember being in the UK knocking out records in an hour and I remember being in the basement of South Side Jamaica, Queens knocking out records. Wherever I went and still go people call me “an alien” when I am working the energy needs to be right. Never rushed, but the biggest part of hockey that I took with me to this business, was the ability to read people like I would have to “read a play “ on the ice execute and be reliable for whoever I was working with, for, as well always making sure I did what I say and say what I do and always being REAL with myself. When I entered the business, it was like I was a 7 year old playing, now I am ready for the draft again as the #1 pick and the music and my bodies of work will speak for me as my playing did in hockey.”

Be sure to listen to Josh Stone’s debut solo project “Therapy Sessions” out now!

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