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Cade Parker: How Music Allows You To Shed Your Inhibitions

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Cade Parker believes that humans are sonic receptacles for vibrations in the universe. Music is liberating as it allows individuals to express themselves in countless ways. Music provides a raw connection to the universe and helps put many things in perspective for people to understand. Whether you’re listening to music that makes you dance, cry, laugh, smile, feel, or anything else, music has the power to let people let go of their inhibitions.

According to Cade Parker, music liberates people in such beautiful ways that it makes being an artist an incredible gift. Many have described music as the air they breathe, and others have termed it freedom. Cade Parker explains that whatever your definition is, everyone needs to revel in that liberation and appreciate the multi-dimensional nature of music.

When people attend concerts, they are drawn to the shared liberation that a simple song can evoke in so many people. Cade Parker says that the beauty of music is that it is not limited by any visible or invisible boundaries. That is why everyone can feel free and explore the feelings that each chord, each word, rouses within them. The look of pure bliss when crowds sing along to a song speaks of the genuine liberation of music and how everyone gets a personalized experience even in a crowd.

Cade Parker also points out that letting the music inside you see the light of day is essential. You don’t necessarily need to be a musician, but everyone has music inside them, and it is even more liberating to let it out. Singing, dancing, whistling, humming, and sharing music are all ways of letting the music inside you out and basking in the liberation that music provides.

If nothing else, Cade Parker hopes that people worldwide know the power that lies within music and the incredible role it plays in transforming human life.

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