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Rumy Reyal on Using His passion and skill as a Guiding light

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Music is a calling, according to Rumy Reyal. It requires time, commitment, sacrifice, and talent to make your mark in this highly competitive industry. Yet if you do have a natural inclination to music, you have a great head start. And once you feel that pull to this particular craft, it is hard to break out of its enigma.


For Rumy Reyal, he had no desire to escape this creative grip. Upon realizing that music was the only path he would love to tread on, Rumy Reyal was determined to do whatever was necessary to make this a reality. It was a calling, and there was no other way to describe it. This innate passion became even more intense, an effective motivator for the young artist.


Even with this passion and motivation, Rumy Reyal admits the road to success was a difficult one. He had to put forth a lot of self-discipline to focus on the mindset “work before play” and always remembered why he chose music as a career. Rumy Reyal shares when he weighed out other career options, the thought of being unhappy for a lifetime always got him back on track.


“I couldn’t see myself doing anything else,” Rumy Reyal reflects. “It was music or nothing; that’s how strong the calling was.” This natural propensity generated a drive that could not have come from any other source, and Rumy Reyal is very grateful for it. He realizes the inclination was critical in preparing for this demanding career and is determined to continue focusing on it for future success.


There is an adage that your destiny is what you make of it. Rumy Reyal didn’t just have the talent for a successful music career; he was born with an inclination for this craft that provided the other essential elements. A calling guided the hard work and sacrifices as Rumy Reyal used his penchant for music to make the right turns on an impressive career path.

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