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Spooky Dior Also known as Dylan Schmidt – The rap sensation and songwriter out to conquer global stage

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Very few artists are able to generate the right kind of buzz, he’s one of them, for sure.

Music artists have ruled the world stage with their immense talent in the past as well as at present. However, a few have hit the roof when it comes to displaying their craft, especially around their niche. Spooky Dior aka Dylan Schmidt leads the list having done extraordinarily well as a rap artist cum songwriter, leading his way to the top within a short time of stepping in, quite interesting, isn’t it? This incredible talent from Elgin, Illinois has been perfecting his skills from the past three years, and finally dropped his debut single “FUCK BBY JOE”, which blew the listeners minds, much to his amusement. “I didn’t expect my work to gain such an overwhelming response, but it has in quite a big way, a true confidence booster for me, indeed,” says the rap sensation.

Generating enough buzz around his single, Spooky by orchestrating his own sound created in his home built studio which he’s been building from the past 2 years has done wonders. His latest was recorded at MC Dough Boy’s studio which was done in one try, quite impressive for a debut artist. When did this rap artist really take his craft seriously, we ask him, to which he answers, “have been grinding from the past three years, but thought of releasing a full single lately as I wanted to test my potential. I’m glad my work has been appreciated, which has ignited the belief that I can do much better in my forthcoming projects.” Spooky exhibits himself as a wild artist, that’s what his Instagram profile displays. Dropping his first single and completing his home studio in 10 months flat is a great achievement for him, which he’s extremely proud of.

Music enthusiasts in love with drill and hard base type rap music won’t be disappointed, as Spooky creates these to perfection. According to him, building a personality makes you stand out, that’s what he has tried to do, and succeeded to a great extent. When people say Spooky Dior, they recollect about his whole personality and not just his music, that’s what is needed to beam brightly around the music scene, which is loaded with the best of talents. He wants to take giant leaps ahead and work with the best artists in the near future, and that’s not a distant dream for this powerhouse of talent, we bet!

Connect to his Instagram: @spookydiormusic to know more or listen to his music here:

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