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Shane L Waters Adding a Twist to Typical Entertainment Through his Podcasts

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There is not a single field in the world that has not been evolved yet; similar is the case with the entertainment industry. From theatrical plays to cinemas and now streaming platforms, it has come a long way. The fact that people were accepting of the change indicates that they did not mind the evolution or wanted things to level up to their pace of life. Not only have the cinemas changed, the classic yet ever-green “books” have experienced a significant change. From normal paper books to e-books and podcasts, the industry is under the spell of evolution.

The origination of podcasts dates back to 2004 and even back when radios were a thing. A podcast is anything from an interview to a conversation or, better, fully scripted stories. This relatively new form of entertainment has garnered enough attention from people worldwide and is making its way into people’s daily lives. As this industry is still growing, the name Shane L Waters tops the list. He is the owner of Arc Light Media, located in Wabash, Indiana; Waters has proven to be one of the best podcasters of all time. Although still an emerging artist, he can be labeled as the pioneer of introducing scripted stories to his audience through podcasts.

As a creative head, the idea of transforming full-fledged scripted stories into podcasts was a hit. Waters wanted to contribute to the entertainment industry, so he proceeded with his innovative idea, which turned out to be a success.

Small Town Big Dreams

Shane L Waters was born on June 20th, 1989, and brought up in Muncie in Indiana. He completed his high school at Wapahani High School in Selma and then moved to Indianapolis. After his shift, he enrolled himself in Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis, graduated in Forensic Psychology in 2012, and became an investigative crime journalist.

Since its inception, Shane L Waters visioned himself to be his own boss and wanted to start his own venture. Due to this reason, he built a career where he could be close to his subject. Waters formed his company, Arc Light Media, a platform dedicated to unique podcasts. He then formed a team with Wendy Cee, Gemma Hoskins, Nick De Neff, and Brent A. Allred and started creating mind-boggling yet creative stories that he released on his platform.

Taking Story-Telling to the Next Level

There are many people who create stories and release or publish them through different mediums, the most common ones being soaps, drama, movies, or novels. Shane L Waters wanted to stand out from the rest and make his contribution unique. In addition to this, he wanted his stories to be a part of people’s daily routines. Due to these reasons, he chose podcasts, something that people could listen to on the go. Leveraging the fact that everybody now has a smartphone and access to the internet, Shane L Waters created a platform that only had his podcasts.

Arc Light Media is an online collection of stories ranging from criminology, history, and horror. His team of speakers and writers have come up with an interesting way of releasing stories that will keep their listeners engaged. He has a dedicated team for each of his podcasts, as he utilizes the talent at its best place. For his criminology series, he has teamed up with Wendy Cee, Gemma Hoskins, and himself. This podcast is created in a series of episodes and revolves around unsolved cases in each episode. Although a scripted series, there are a few areas that incorporate real interviews recorded during the investigation, giving it a touch of reality. As of now, there are six seasons in Foul Play, namely; Redhead Murders, Sister Cathy, The Maps, The Maxwells, Lonely Hearts, and Throwaways.

Hometown History and Frightful are both narrated by Shane L Waters. The one based on history is authored by Nicholas De Neff and is more about the historical parts and stories of the world.. The other podcast, Frightful, has a different genre. Based on real incidents, these spine-chilling stories have kept the readers hooked. As of now, it has ten podcasts that are available to listen to either on the website or other audio platforms.

With his innovative ideas and captivating stories, Shane L Waters has embarked on the journey to success while being an inspiration to others.

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