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Mateo Gribbly Grapples Emotions on “En La Mia”

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Mateo Gribbly has quickly gained traction by exemplifying his ability to craft catchy hits with stunning vocals. He has yet to miss. Following the hype of his previous 2021 releases, the Miami artist hit moody notes on his first track of 2022, “En La Mia.”


In “En La Mia,” Mateo trades his usual ambiance-infused beat selection for a prickly guitar ballad. The tempo is up-beat, matching the frictionless shifting of twanging guitar chords. Jumping between higher and lower octaves, he sings emotionally while still maintaining his trademarked swagger. Unlike his other songs, “En La Mia,” has a slightly longer run time, allowing him to truly pour his heart out.


As an artist renowned for his style, Mateo Gribbly shows his audience that he can make slight tweaks to it without losing any of the candor. The Miami artist has had a promising start to his career, and he continues to leave his fans asking one question: “when is the next one dropping?”


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