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Jackboy Marley Says He has Created His Own Genre Of Music

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Ft. Worth, Texas’s own Jackboy Marley has some new ideas for the way music should be heard. Writing and co-producing all his music, he wants to present a new genre of conscious alternative rap. To do this Jackboy is challenging the status quo of “reality rap” with his genre- bending music.

It starts with how he named himself. Using Bob Marley’s message of love and peace while using the “Jackboy” name as a nod to growing up in the hood. In Ft. Worth, Texas (AKA Murda Worth) Jackboy experienced many different things that made him realize that his music should mean something. His name alone embodies everything he raps about.

“Coming from where I’m from…having experienced the things I have…I feel I have a great story to tell the world; a story that will educate, edify, inspire and motivate! For too long we have been told what to learn, how to learn, where to use what we’ve been programmed to learn and how to die. That’s not living at all! A gilded cage is still a cage nonetheless.”

Being influenced by his environment, his daughter (who he wants to show the world to) and artist like Queen to Marilyn Manson, Lil Wayne, Tupac and UGK, Jackboy has created his own genre of music that he says has a mix of street, social, political, and Spiritual consciousness. He’s giving reality rap a new sound. When asked about what sets him apart, he responded “I have a dexterity in musicality that most do not and will not have for their lack of music theory. It isn’t common in Hip Hop music…”

Jackboy’s goal with his music is to be legendary through all of life’s good and bad. Inspired by elevation, this is what he had to say when asked what his inspiration is: “Quite simply, the inspiration that has impacted my career and my decision to do music is LIFE, itself. The good, the bad, and the ugly…a person can find lessons for growth and development in it all…you just must see it for what it is…not so much for how we would like it to be. Only then, with such an unbiased accuracy of it all can you measure the highs by the lows. These lessons are what I want to give you, musically!”

Jackboy believes that music is the most intense form of self-expression, as the creator or listener, and wants to express himself through the music he creates. At the moment he is working on an EP that he calls an EP on steroids. The project is titled Jackal Pt. 2: The Ouroboros Effect “It is NOT an album or mixtape, but more of an EP on steroids, if you will. The second part in The Jackal EP series allows Marley unfettered room to deliver heavily concise points and perspectives in a more direct manner.” The first EP to the series gathered enough attention to get recognition from Busta Rhymes and the next installment in the series will hopefully go further.

Be sure to look out for his EP dropping on April 29th and keep up with Jackboy Marley’s social media @jackboymarley

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