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Artist Spotlight – Fellon Phelps is Ohio’s King of Hip Hop

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Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, Fellon Phelps is notorious for his consistent hip hop and rap releases, making him one of Cleveland’s highest rising hip hop recording artists. Currently in the spotlight, his feature on All Hip Hop sparked attention in media, ultimately gaining a buzz in the music community.


With a portfolio surpassing the average indie artist, it is safe to say the sky is the limit for him. He has released eight full length albums, 62 songs, and more, totaling 110 songs that are building streams daily. Latest projects reflect tradition gangster drill and trap, which is currently trending like wildfire in the culture. Known for his creative whit and skill, he was able to successfully release favorites linke King of Ohio part one and two, giving him the nickname of king of Ohio.


Collaborating with some of the most respected producers, Fellon has proudly expanded his portfolio by releasing songs blessed by the hands of Corleone, Thrillz, and more. Because his skills go beyond the studio, it’s no wonder that he is booked for both local and national performances. 


Bringing strong dedication to the table, the artist has an impressive 150 unreleased songs, and he is just getting started. He possesses the traits of successful artists: effort, talent, and consistency. Fellon Phelps does his king of hip hop nickname justice. To stay connected with him follow on Instagram here | Stream music here


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