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WorldisGualaa Is Making His Mark With his New Record “5 AM in Miami”

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Straight out of New Jersey, new artist WorldisGualaa is just starting to find his sound and plant his feet in the Hip Hop/soul trap scene. He is a versatile artist with lots of energy and big ideas. Using his music to express himself and his life WorldisGualaa just wants to be able to connect with his fans.

To solidify his presence, WorldisGualaa just dropped a banger “5 AM in Miami.” A track with a love story. Different from his last track “Eye 4 Eye”, he is showcasing his versatility and different ways he creates. Writing and co-producing his own music, WorldisGualaa gets in tune with the sound/beat usually making music based on how he feels in the moment.

Officially beginning his music career in the middle of the pandemic, April 2020, he hit the ground running with a raw 8 track EP. Now that he has now had a taste of how things go, WorldisGualaa is deciding to use his platform and sound as something inspiring to listeners. Losing his brother and best friend, he has a story to tell and wants to tell it in a way that’s compelling and relatable.

“My supporters are my motivation & my family Because family is always gonna be there when it’s bad or good, well mine at least. The things that drives me to pursue my dream is music, like I said it’s my sanity, it’s my escape place and I always wanted to make the people around me life change so that’s a big one for me”

WorldisGualaa is all about making sure he and the people around are good. So he is a non-stop hustler. Graduating from Wilmington University he became a social worker. But it doesn’t stop there, not only is he a rapper but also has a clothing line. Worldisgualaa also has some other things in the works and who knows what that could be but, the way he is eating up the music scene at just the beginning, I could only imagine.

Keep up with him on all social media @Worldisgualaa and check out his new single “5 AM in Miami” and let him know if you’re impressed.

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