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Maka releases highly anticipated 2-pack single ‘Hometown Hero’

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23-year-old artist, Maka, reps the 818 heavily throughout his music. Born and raised in the Los Angeles valley, Maka quickly began showing love to his city and all the people in it. He started making noise with the release of his ‘Only Fans’ single, accompanied by LA native DJ, Producer, and Tastemaker, Cypress Moreno, which amassed over 200k+ streams across all DSPs. He’s also collabed with one of the hottest LA artists right now, Kalan.Frfr, with singles ‘Player No More’ and ‘Road Running.’ His newly released single, ‘Hometown Hero,’ is a testament to his love for his Hometown, crowning himself a “Hometown Hero” because he will be the one to put his city on, bringing all of his close friends, family, and connects he’s made in the industry, with him. The first song off the 2-pack single ‘Hometown Hero,’ accompanied by long time collaborator Cuuhraig, is a melodic, upbeat song about Maka embarking on a journey towards making a name for himself. Unaware of the losses he might encounter along the way, Maka puts his best foot forward and doesn’t look back. His sheer determination and relentless effort to make it to the top is what will bring him success. The second song, ‘Loaded Up’ is LA music at its core. The vibey, club record exemplifies Maka’s ability to be versatile, which is a big reason why he’s so marketable, having already caught the eye of several labels. On ‘Loaded Up,’ Maka’s confidence is heard loud and clear. He’s prepared for the many ups and downs that come with pursuing a career in the music industry. One thing’s for certain: Maka is well on his way towards reaching new heights for the LA music scene and he’s taking his whole gang with him.

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