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Get To Know Calvin Spiethfel And His Path To The Studio

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Calvin Spiethfel wanted to create music so desperately that his first single, “Lone Wolf,” was recorded on his phone using a microphone as his only tool.

“I was recording off of my cell phone,” he said, almost incredulous that he faced such a daunting challenge, though he handled it with absolute strength and perseverance. The song ended up being his first big hit. At the time, he was working in local studios producing music and beats for other artists, which made him see his own music from both perspectives.

He was definitely hard on himself, but that paid off in the results he saw in his music, cell phone aside. His sharper eye helped him create an EP that is cohesive, complex and unique. Calvin Spiethfel found his own personal voice, something many musicians never find, through layers and layers of beats.

Perseverance pays off

His second single, “Over It,” just dropped shortly after as a surprise to fans. To Calvin’s surprise, the song was yet another smash hit! “I was surprised to see the song become so popular so fast! I wrote and recorded that song all in 1 day. I was impressed with myself” said the young artist.

Perhaps it’s because he is now in an in-home studio he created, where he spends all day perfecting his craft. He’s already come a long way from his first phone-recorded song. His spike in popularity has been incredible and inspirational, and we can see Calvin Spiethfel’s hard-work and dedication in everything he does.

What the future holds

He is working on his first-ever studio album which should be released in the coming months. He also plans to keep releasing singles all throughout the year so his fans aren’t left hanging with no music. The song can be anything a listener wants it to be, but the sounds are an aural guide created by Calvin Spiethfel.

The musician has a mission to accomplish, a goal to give instrumental music a larger place at the hip-hop table. He has years to get it right, but we don’t need a crystal ball to tell us that he has already laid a solid foundation that will take him there.

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