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Entertainment and Music Executive John Rose Secures Partnership with Atlantic Records & Collective Gallery

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Renowned music entertainment executive and label owner, John Rose, serves as a manager in the music entertainment industry and mentor to international celebrities and entertainers. He is unwavering in his pursuit of shifting the media industry’s cultural paradigm and applies his love of law as a vehicle for change–as he originally served a business, entertainment, and sports attorney. Collective Gallery, a label for photographers, provides support to lensmen for merchandising, travel, and distribution. Recently, John Rose secured a partnership with Atlantic Records to spread each organization’s shared vision across the globe.

Deep traction and fast momentum were gained after the Collective Gallery flourished while executing ventures and deals with top tier brands and entertainers such as BET, Sprite, Reebok, Facebook, Diego, Bleacher Report, Robinhood, Jordan, Nike, Pandora, and more.
These accomplishments are mostly attributed to the unparalleled business model that was set to provide a greater landscape for photographers. The major distinction between this label and photography agencies is that resources are extended so that creative potentials are reached and then set into motion with the same influential power and backing those musicians receive from record labels.

This process is highly motivated by Rose’s foundational childhood years in Jamaica, Queens (NY), which is a notoriously rugged neighborhood; therefore, he continues to build on that foundation by helping to shift the trajectory for as many creatives as possible. Nevertheless, Collective Gallery provides financial assistance to advance photographers’ visions, artwork, and content to higher echelons, particularly artists from disadvantaged and underrepresented backgrounds.

Rose explained that sometimes photographers have a larger following than the subjects that they shoot and film, are equipped with the “eye” and technical skills and are knowledgeable about navigating the scenes. Collective Gallery addresses various needs such as developing a blueprint and platform for securing endorsements, setting up tours, hosting meet and greets, providing representation to catapult their careers, and other behind the scenes logistics to solidify prosperous brands and magnify their influences. The label takes great pride in allowing these creatives to reach their optimal potential in addition to producing talented photographers who have followings based on their actual work product, raw talent, and refined skills, as opposed to focusing on the subjects within the content, such as trending celebrities.

Moreover, Collective Gallery’s mission is to “create a learning environment for aspiring photographers, giving them an opportunity to share their work, get pointers, and cultivate their dreams.” Since art is an asset that can considerably increase one’s net worth, this experience will be an avenue to wealth. By the label publishing what these visionaries have created, photographers will concurrently have influences on their audiences as well as handsomely profit.

J. Rose emphasized, “Photographers are the biggest playmakers who are breaking and blowing up artists. Everything is digested through content. While music is important, being able to package [and then present] that is more important than anything [at present]

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