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Ya Boy Globe Is Setting the Tone in 2022

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The New York rap scene has changed over the years and while some may disagree, the new wave of rappers in New York are bringing something different to the music industry that is powerful and unique. Groundbreaking music that really shows the evolution of hip hop culture , rap culture and in some ways , American culture. Pop culture is dictated by hip hop culture and New York has always played a part in that dictation.

One of the new wave artists that has hit the ground running is Ya Boy Globe. He is sharp , clean and is very versatile on many different levels. For a minute, artists were kinda staying in one lane but Ya By Globe. He will give you any and everything he has and wants to display, within his music. He is by far the jack of all trades doing r&b , rock ,Soca and Latin music.

Ya Boy Globe puts his feelings into his music because the music he creates is based on how he is feeling at that moment. It’s rare and it is real which always makes for a better story at the end of the day. Reality music at its finest, if we may say so.

One other thing that was so interesting is the powerful team he has builded around himself. No yes man, all individuals that keep it real and are honest with the superstar. It’s when you have a team like this, you will get looks like Hot97, Power105fm and XM Radio.

Ya Boy Globe is an artist that you want to look out for because he is coming and he is playing new games.

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