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Shyon Q Is Music’s Next Big Star

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Shyon Q is on his way to becoming a booming artist and producer from the east coast. After the release of his executively produced EP titled, Wagyu, Shyon produces music with the hope of telling his fans that life is too short not to live it how you want to. By wasting no time and living each day like it’s your last, Shyon Q pushes to not only create but to inspire those around him.

“What I want people to take away from the music I work on is that life is too short to not do what you want.” Shyon says, “I decided that I wanted to start getting involved in the creative process of music being made with artists I love so I did it. I will definitely fail along the way, but that’s necessary if I am going to learn. I want people to stop living the life that is expected of them and start living the life they have an interest in. The only reason I got to where I am so far is because I took action and executed on the things I wanted.”

By keeping up with his goals as well as working with pure intentions, Shyon is a rare breed of those who keep themselves in check to always ensure they’re moving in a positive direction. As for him now, Shyon continues to share his stories and experiences with his social media following as well as works to create more and more great music for all of those who have become a fan of the great, Shyon Q.

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