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King Tee The First Talks Exclusive Project

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Since listening to West Coast rap as a child, KingTeeTheFirst was always drawn to music. Whenever he would leave his house, headphones would be the first thing he would reach for, every time, like instinct. KingTeeTheFirst’s music career started with learning more about beat production with his friend 3AMBeats. It was from there that his musical aspirations took off.

“How would I describe my music and my creative process? I get most of my inspiration from my environment so I like to change my space to create, the mood and environment will definitely impact my sound, even if I’m sticking to R&B over 808s, which I would say is my go-to.”

KingTeeTheFirst enjoys music, he encourages fans of his and music listeners alike to find their passion and follow it, as making music has been felt for him. He also sings in the shower, not limited necessarily to one genre or even his comfort zone. “If I wasn’t releasing music I would still be producing or creating.” Some of the top artists and producers of our time like Pharrell or Ye are among KingTeeTheFirst’s top artists, as well as artists he one day hopes to work with.

While KingTeeTheFirst has not performed live music for any shows or venues, he’s found success in other avenues such as independence and freedom of choice when it come to collaboration of any kind. That said, his favorite song for performing would have to be ‘Sam Jack’ from Promo Only. “The internet made it easy for artists to find collaborators and to release projects independently. If I could open for any one artist, it would have to be Snoop since he was my favorite artist growing up.”

KingTeeTheFirst firmly believes “How many people you bless is how you measure success.” his aspirations for the music industry centers around a more educated artist, with more savvy on the business side of things and understanding why more people are pursuing independence.

What can you expect to see next? KingTeeTheFirst says, “New visual for ‘Red Eye’ is on the way and a lot more music coming soon.”

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