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Tess Anthony Makes Her Debut in the Music Industry

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Meet Tess Anthony, an American professional recording (solo) artist who hails from New Jersey. Her stage aliases include “The Soul Sauvage”, offering a Beacon of unity and positivity with her message.

Born on July 22, 1999, with a strong passion for soulful music, Tess Anthony has been singing and performing for literal decades: since she was a toddler, winning the hearts of many in her New Jersey hometown.

Tess has blossomed into a successful and accomplished young artist as a result of her evident talent across several genres. When she isn’t focused on the message of her song, the genre tends to follow the vibe, with a focus on peace and love. Tess’ songs are inspirational, heartfelt, and include words that make you feel connected to the song and deeper sound/underlying message. Tess’ songs generally deal with love, friendship, and the realities of life. Her music is soul-touching, and guarantees that at least one song will connect to your life once you hear her album.

The soulful diva is also known as “The Soul Sauvage” due to the fury of her singing. Her words of kindness, as well as the passion and fire in her lyrics, will shift the pattern in a time where music has become a more overt and aggressive medium. Tess aims to captivate people for different, more peaceful reasons.

Writing such a message of love and understanding in the music industry, Tess hopes to continue to remains optimistic despite acknowledging that the industry isn’t without its flaws. In the pursuit of more creative control, breaking down the often unseen barriers to success such as blackballing based on personal issues as opposed to an issue with the person or artist themself.

With this year, Tess plans to continue to innovate herself in part through her sound, and says that fans can expect to hear more about her upcoming projects and 2022 lineup, “Stay tuned for more!

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