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Prince Ink Gives Us His Latest Single “Trophies”

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Prince Ink releases his latest track called “Trophies”.

Prince Ink has stamped himself as the voice of the incarcerated and it’s rightly so with the way he uses his rap platform to express the injustices he faced while being locked up. Outside of the things that go unheard, inmates weren’t granted basic access to music. This pushed Prince Ink to create his own in order to be a voice to what was really going on behind the bars. He defines his sound as “stir crazy”, but what was meant to break him, only set him down the path to pursue his artistry. 

His time in prison was an eye-wakening one and pushed him into taking the craft more seriously even though he’s been rapping since the late ’90s. Prince Ink, whose birth name is Michael Scott, has since worked with big names like Young Thug, Swae Lee, Key Glock, and Quavo of the Migos who joined him on his most recent single titled “Dirty 30”. 

Life inspired the Southside Atlanta rapper to create his most in-depth bodies of work with Therapy 1 and 2. These projects are just an accumulation of his experiences and a way for him to openly express his pain and past. He speaks on the challenges he’s faced from his enemies conspiring to broken promises, backstabbing, and all topics his audience seems to relate to. One of his greatest feats thus far has been reaching over a million views on Worldstar in just 24 hours.

Prince Ink is continuing to build his fanbase daily simply by speaking his truth. Currently, he’s working on his next mixtape titled, “Saved By The Food Saver”, and plans to release more collaborations in the future.

“Over here at Milli we chasing a billi and we don’t do much talking”
-Prince Ink

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