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Levon | Rising Superstar

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Seeking to create authentic sounds that come to him in the moment, Levon and his music making are heavily influenced by his environment. From tracks that make you dance to ones that make you want to put a hole in the wall. To Levon, there is no in between. Every beat provides him a new opportunity at trying to forge a new sound. Levon attributes his passion to his environment being around others who were interested in making music.

“Me and the homie Junior King made our first song about 5 years ago because we were bored one summer. We used a desktop mic, a foam finger, and a durag and we were rapping over 2 Pac’s “Ambitionz az a Ridah”. After that it was a wrap and we started recording music with my brother Darion Dsaw who taught me everything I needed to know to get me started.”

Levon suggests that the alternatives to working on music and making it were far more bleak and violent. He still remembers one of his most serious punishments in elementary school: being out on probation for punching a (white) student after being provoked, and ultimately taking the blame.

So music it was, even in the more personal places one can expect to be found singing:
“See, the shower is where I really be testing my limits. High notes be on point and everything, so I’m most likely singing “If I ever fell in love again”, the Boys II Men version though cause that one just hits different.”

When asked about what his dream opening act would be, the answer was quick without missing a beat: dead or alive, 2PAC or Tay-K because of how iconic the experience would be.

Levon lives life simply. In his words, “No need to compete when at the end of the day your only battle you gotta win is with yourself.”

“I only have supporters and I don’t take anybody who shows love to my craft for granted fr. My message to them would be chase your dreams, step out your comfort zone, and beat the odds. Anything is possible on God.”

Levon also has aspirations of what the music industry can become, now just a strong opinion on how it is structured. From recognizing music for the sake of art rather than popularity, to ending conflict in the streets in favor of making more art: better music. No hidden agendas.

For upcoming projects and where to here from Levon mext, you can expect to see him on social media in a balanced way- the artist currently finds himself going between developing his sound and balancing his personal life- from finances to mental health. That said, be sure to look out for future performances and video releases! More information soon.

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