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Da Game” by Gustavo NFT

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“Da Game” is a P2E project with the goal to help those others adversely affected by the “injustice” system. Based in Los Angeles, California, and co-founded by J. Ford and T. “Gustavo” Horace, “Da Game” is loosely based on the 80s cult classic game, “Drug Wars.” It’s a turn-based, strategy game where players can grow, smuggle, distribute and launder money using NFTs minted before game release.

“Da Game” isn’t just an NFT and it’s not just a game. The overall mission of this project is to create community and make a difference.

The co-founders of this project are very passionate about social justice and are dedicated to helping those affected by the war on drugs. A percentage of the NFT profits will be allocated to various non-profit organizations and programs that reduce unjust incarcerations, assist persons currently incarcerated, and those transitioning out of incarcerations stemming from drug-related crimes. These programs and non-profit organizations include Legal Equalizer, Worth Rises, and Career Karma. The co-founders will also invest a portion of the treasury fund into Freeway Prime. These charitable donations are set up to achieve the mission of making a difference in the lives of those who are affected by said social justice issues. Investing proceeds back into the community creates a community of support for individuals affected.

There are 5 different types of NFTs that players can mint — Syndicate, Land, Transport, Distribution, and Laundering. Each player assumes the role of Boss. Each type of NFT represents a different step in the process. There are also unique NFTs available that are based on real-life OG’s. Gustavo reached out to friends and local street legends with similar experiences to join and advise the project. These individuals are highlighted in “Da Game” as guides and rare NFTs and are integral to our community.

As the project progresses, events and music releases will be integrated into the roadmap. One of the goals of the project is to cultivate a supportive community that expands outside of the crypto world. Events will include parties, NFT airdrops, art shows, panels, and gamer events.

Be a part of the “Da Game” community on Discord & Twitter.

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