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J Singh’s new single “Mind Over Matter”

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Brand-new music from J Singh called “Mind Over Matter” has captivated his followers. As far as streaming platforms go, the song is shattering records left and right. No one could have predicted how quickly J Singh would become so well-known. Singh’s abilities have been widely recognized thanks to the song.

J Singh possesses a singular talent for effortlessly creating beautiful musical compositions. When you hear his music, you could think you’re listening to the creation of a gifted artist. A painter utilizes sound instead of color to create their works of art. As a result, the music may be enjoyed by a wide range of individuals. It’s on a level with art.

This tune is the culmination of J Singh’s passion. To make sure the song was great, he enlisted the services of Rumor Records. As a result, when the song was ultimately published, it immediately won over listeners’ hearts. We owe Rumor Records a huge debt of gratitude for putting out such an amazing track.

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