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DJ Dez 804 Formally Known As Mattress God Is Making A Comeback On The Rap Scene

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DJ Dez 804 Formally Known As Mattress God is an independent upcoming artist from Richmond, Virginia. He has been quietly working on music for the past year or so, but originally he was behind the scenes and sometimes still is, djing parties . It can be difficult for some to wear a few different hats but for DJ Dez 804 ( Desmond Chapman ), he is able to keep a balance between being an artist and creating his own content vs working for his clients. He plans to launch a few entertainment companies in the near future as well, he has established many new relationships, opportunities, and plans to put together a team. Stay tuned for what DJ Dez 804 drops next and his newest video he shot and edited it by himself, now that’s talent!

DJ Dez 804

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