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Music Composer Centric aka Christopher Louray Mandujan Discusses The Impact Of Music On Communication

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Music is one of the highest pleasures in life. Throughout the years, songs have been used to convey meaning and feelings to their audiences that could be portrayed in no other fashion. Christopher Louray Mandujan believes that music can spread a message like no other means of communication, and he’s been creating songs to prove it.

Christopher Louray Mandujan, also known as Centric, is a music composer and record producer. He is also half of the hip-hop duo Grand Opus. His music has been used on TV for networks like MTV, VH1, OWN, NFL, TVONE, BET, and countless others. He has produced music for well-known artists across the globe in various genres, including Grammy-winning and nominated acts. “Music is my passion, and I love being involved in the process of making it in any way possible,” said Mandujan. “I just can’t get enough.”

His favorite part about music is its use as a form of communication. “You can get a feeling from a song that you can’t put into words,” said Christopher Louray Mandujan. “For example, when you’re watching television, the background music will contribute to how you feel, conveying emotions like sadness, excitement, or glee. It all comes down to the music.” He also knows that lyrics are an essential part of the picture. “When I’m writing lyrics, I’m spilling my guts,” said Mandujan. “I’m being more vulnerable than I could ever be during a normal conversation.” When you’re able to put your feelings out there, other people will notice and get the same feeling as well. “Music brings us together,” said Christopher Louray Mandujan. “I feel most united with my fellow man when I’m creating songs.”

Music is one of the best ways to tell truths that are hard to say. That’s the reason Christopher Louray Mandujan is so passionate about what he does.

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