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6uy, aka 6uytano, shares the inspiration behind his hit single ‘Ice on me.”

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Before he was music sensation 6uytano, Gaetano Logiudice was born in Brooklyn to a family that had emigrated from Sicily. “Tano” moved to Long Island and then to Palm Beach, Florida. 6uy grew up in a household that was always listening to music and began to create his own work when he was 11.

6uytano knew he wanted to be a musician. He could see himself achieving this and making it his full-time career. Another goal was to be the first person in his family to become a successful artist. Growing up in Palm Beach was a golden opportunity for 6uy as he began his journey by networking among the Florida music scene.

Well-known as a playground for the rich and famous, Palm Beach boasts gorgeous beaches, upscale boutiques, and historic hotels. The city’s social scene is an experience in itself with top-tier bars, nightclubs, and bands. This is the world 6uytano immersed himself in on his journey to become a musician, and it was his inspiration as he rose to success.

His first single, “Lost It,” was released on August 27, 2019. 6uy recorded this in one take as freestyle, and it is the namesake for his upcoming launch, “1 Take Tano.” It is clear that “Lost It” was aptly named as listeners did precisely this when they heard the song. 6uy followed this up with “Ice on Me,” an even bigger hit. The track’s high energy and pumping beats echo the feel of the Palm Beach music scene.

The video for “Ice on Me” has racked up thousands of views on YouTube with glowing praise in the comments. It was released in 2021, and 6uy dropped his 11-track mixtape in the same year. This year also marked 6uy’s first feature video, “Grammys,” with Mari Montana.

With memorable songs that capture the spirit of Palm Beach, 6uy has become a music sensation. He wanted this to be his career but never imagined he would become a superstar. Fueled by the vibe of the city where he got his start, 6uytano is riding a wave of momentum into a bright future.

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